What Pro "Illegal Alien Groups"
DON'T Want You To Know

No Amnesty For Illegal Aliens

1. The Mexican government benefits by pushing off as many of their extremely poor and poorly educated people as possible. You wonder why? Because these illegal aliens mail back an estimated 20 Billion dollars a year into the Mexican economy. Mexico also uses the U.S. Social Services programs ( and other tax paid programs and services ) to benefit Mexico's Citizens ( illegal aliens in OUR country ) with U.S. Tax Dollars to the tune of 250-300 BILLION dollars YEARLY ( Direct and indirect cost to U.S. Citizens ).

2. Mexico has been spending millions in the USA to pro illegal immigration groups and an American based Ad agency to boost the perception of illegal immigration to trusting Americans. It's simply a business decision. Spend a few Million and Mexico continues to get 20 Billion a year in returns. Is it any wonder that in one rally they are destroying American flags, making threats to hurt our economy and schools, then next all wearing white and draping themselves in American flags. They are well trained to "pull at the heart strings" of America for the sympathy vote. Donít fall for it. Do what is right for AMERICA and what benefits AMERICA!

3. The Mexican Government has been involved in all aspects of assisting these illegal aliens to enter our country. I've heard about a plan to give cheap GPS units ( And Maps! ) to "groups" of Mexican illegals crossing into the USA and Maps to get around official border patrol and Minuteman groups volunteers on the Southern Border. They even make a booklet to the poor to give hints on how to enter illegally, what to do, who to contact, dangers, if you get caught etc... Below is a copy of one of 32 page booklet and a News report about the 200,000 GPS units.


4. If these 15-20 Million illegal Aliens get their back door Amnesty to back door front of the line citizenship reward, they will then, through reunification programs, bring in an estimated 30-45 MILLION relatives both real and bogus. ( Sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, fathers, mothers etc. etc. etc.Ö This would be on TOP of the 15-20 Million Illegal Immigrants for a VERY real possibility of 60 Million pouring across the Southern Border.

5. "Anchor babies", the practice of having an pregnant illegal alien enter the country, or they get pregnant while in the USA, accounts for 10% of the current birth rate in the entire USA! This is an abuse and loop hole of the 14th amendment. Why do they do this? Well, they use their ( Usually from Mexico ) babies to circumvent citizenship laws, thus the parents ( and other Central / South American relatives almost always ) then ride the child for permanent rights in the USA and then bring other relatives in through the child.


6. Did you know that more Americans have been killed by ILLEGAL Immigrants in the USA than in the IRAQ war. Did you know that the U.S.A. total financial support of ILLEGAL Immigration with all its direct and indirect costs is greater then the IRAQ war.



7. 50%-60% of all street gangs across the USA are illegal aliens. Some of the most deadly gangs like MS 13 and 8th street are among the most dangerous, filled with illegal aliens. Countless hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrant criminals fill our Federal, State and local jails for very serious crimes in addition to illegally entering the USA. Illegal Immigrant gang crime is rising rapidly and spreading across the USA. MS13 and Los Zetas are some of the worlds deadliest. According to Heather Mac Donald ( from Sen Hayworth's book "Whatever it takes" ) 95% of ALL outstanding warrents for homicide in Los Angeles are for illegal immigrants and up to 2/3 of all fugitive felony warrents are for illegal aliens as well.

8. 25% to 27% of "Federal Prisoners" are from Citizens of Central and South America ( Mainly Mexico! ) according to a U.S. Government Site. This doesn't take into account the millions in state jails.


9. Pro illegal immigration groups have tried to put pressure on CNN to have Lou Dobbs removed from CNN. He is a Great American who has documented the severe problems related to these illegal aliens and a leader in the fight to stop illegal immigration. He is on almost every week day evening. A great place to find informative and truthful information.

10. The majority illegal aliens are seeking "amnesty" in order to reap the 250+ BILLION direct and indirect U.S. Tax dollar benefits ( and more once they obtain amnesty to back door citizenship) given to them every year. They have broken customs and border laws, millions have illegally avoided income tax which would put most CITIZENS in jail, MANY involved in other major document fraud ( bogus federal Social Security cards, bogus ID / identity theft , bogus birth certificates, bogus green cards etc. etc.). Some have killed and injured U.S. citizens and border control agents. Regular citizens would be thrown in jail for these things.

11. These illegal aliens want to be rewarded with back door citizenship in FRONT of 280 MILLION people who legally and patiently wait for their turn at citizenship. Is it fair to reward those who break laws to enter the USA illegally ?

12. In 1986 an "Amnesty program" was given which gave about 3 MILLION illegal aliens "Amnesty to Citizenship." This was supposed to take care of and stop any future problems of this nature. This "Amnesty program" failed and it only spurred on 15-20 Million now and they now "Demand" Citizenship or they will "do this or do that" to OUR economy or OUR Citizens. This was a big lie told to American Citizens in 1986 and it is a big lie now. Giving ANY FORM of amnesty will only bring on another wave of invaders like the great California gold rush. Amnesties have never worked in History and each "Amnesty" has only lead to even larger numbers of Illegal Immigrants entering to hide for the "NEXT AMNESTY."


13. Have you noticed that several members of congress have been trying to sneak sharply elevated numbers of VISAís. This is because "IF" these 15-20 MILLION illegal aliens get citizenship, they will leave the "so called jobs Americans don't want" and flood all the main stream jobs across the USA, as "Citizens Of USA." Then the USA will have to back fill ALL these jobs that the previous illegal aliens left, with a NEW tidal wave of illegal aliens who will then later demand their citizenship because the last two groups ( 1986 and 2006 group ) got theirs. Think your job is safe? Don't bet on it. They are willing to work much cheaper then you in order to bump you out. It happens ALL the time. Fight now while you still can.

14. Currently 280 Million people all over the world wait patiently and legally for their chance at citizenship. Why is it fair to let those who illegally entered the USA, breaking multiple laws be given "first in line status." Let alone the ultimate reward of "back door amnesty" to citizenship!

15. Illegal aliens in Mexico, when caught are charged with felony, jailed for 2 years and then deported as felons. Yet, U.S. Citizens don't have the same protection? In most cases, when they are simply caught at the U.S. border, they are simply pushed back on Mexican side, only to try again, at a different location later till they make it. And though Mexico "demands" humane treatment for its citizens who illegally migrate to the U.S., regardless of their legal status, Mexico provides few protections for illegal migrants on its own soil. If the USA would charge these illegal border aliens, as felons, it would bar them from ever obtaining citizenship which would dramatically reduce illegal immigration attempts. Thatís why the pro illegal immigrant groups are fighting the "felony provision!!" Help close this loop holes which are abused by illegal aliens.


16. Illegal aliens are 50%+ more likely to be on welfare or other type of major U.S. tax paid $$$ benefit program.

17. The quality of American Schools along border states with Mexico have been hurt by over crowding and behavioral issues, and language problems.

18. Iíve read that 80+ hospitals/major treatment facilities have closed in California alone because of the cost of caring for illegal aliens. These are hospitals that U.S. Citizens depend on but no longer can because of illegal aliens. This is also happening across the entire USA at an alarming rate.


19. Barriers DO WORK. They are also VERY cost effective ( as seen on CNN news ). In areas where the U.S. has made modern and well made barriers, illegal aliens have had great difficulty crossing and simply avoid these areas to find open borders. Barriers ALSO save Billions in Tax dollars by making less "dependents" for U.S. tax payers. You ask, open borders. Yes, there is currently TONS of open borders and not nearly enough border guards to stop the invasion. They simply hide along the border and come across when they see a weakness in our security.

20. Approx 2/3 of illegal aliens cross the U.S. / Mexico border and about 1/3 of these MILLIONS simply apply for a VISA, knowing they will simply hide after the expiration date. BOTH are major problems. Elevation of the amount of VISA's offered into the USA will only circumvent and make more loop holes for illegal aliens to enter this way and the pro illegal immigrant groups know it. Don't let the current levels of VISA's be elevated.

21. Can criminals, terrorist, drug dealers, murderers, robbers and other felons cross the border ? The answer is absolutely yes yes yes, and they do virtually EVERY day. The border is so weak that this is THE prime weakness in our nations security. People from ALL over the world cross through the Mexican/American border.


View our other LINKS to Sites to see with your own eyes.

22. Serious crime along the U.S. / Mexican border are on the rise. People living along and near the border have been victim of serious crimes by illegal border crossers.

23. Open lands and federal parks along the Mexican / American border have been severely trashed and in some places ruined for years to come because of illegal border crossing. Many of these federal parks and open lands are NO LONGER SAFE for American Citizens to enjoy because of the dangers brought on by these illegal aliens. ONLY with modern and well built barriers will citizens be safe from these problems. Iíve even read reports of murders along these border crossing areas, sometimes involving U.S. Citizens. Currently some civilian groups are trying to raise funds to assist in building a barrier to protect U.S. citizens, but they badly need our help!

24. Some Mexican and Pro Illegal Amnesty leaders have the gall to claim that regions of lands like Texas, Los Angeles and other areas belong to Mexico and they have every right to take it back. Remember our ancestors at the Alamo fought and died to give to us this country that we live in now. They gave their life for the USA, we only are asking for your ACTIVE support to stop this invasion and NO MORE Amnesty / Citizen Programs for those who entered illegally.

25. In some locations of America they have "Sanctuary Laws" ( and "Special Order 40" in California ) which actually are designed to shield illegal aliens from being caught. These are usually areas where so many illegal aliens have swarmed that they influence the legal system over then objection of most CITIZENS of the USA and the politicians there are too weak to stand up to these illegal aliens. In these areas, police can be actually be under great penalty just for asking the legal status of a suspected illegal immigrant. Any law that criminalized our law enforcement hinders us from capturing, arresting deporting illegal aliens must be changed at the federal and state level.

26. Did you know that even though illegal immigration is supposed to be "illegal", many states actually give these illegal aliens state ID cards ( Drivers License) , which many terrorist would love to get. This gives them complete freedom to blend in like a U.S. Citizens and makes catching these illegal terrorists difficult. Illegal criminals and illegal aliens use these difficult to tax paid benefits and "hide" appearing to "look" legal with these cards. This is the first item that law enforcement uses to establish residence and identification. Without a drivers license, it would make law enforcement and detection of these illegals much easier!

27. Think the current numbers of illegal aliens is not a problem? Consider this! The population of illegal immigrants in the USA currently is higher the the entire population of over 13 States including Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware, Montana, Rhode Island, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Idaho, Maine and Nebraska ALL put together. This doesn't even include the relatives ( approx 45 Million ) of these illegal aliens who WILL enter the USA if the current illegals gain "Amnesty" to back door "Citizenship".


28. Don't be fooled by the Kennedy Amnesty Bill which would permit either front door or rear door "Amnesty" to legally protect a Majority of these 15-20 Million to either stay ( most ) or leave and be given assurance that they WILL come back soon legally and the U.S. Government will help them to come back ( either hidden in expanded VISA's or so called work programs to Citizenship programs ). This is the same kind of game as the failed 1986 "Amnesty" program. Bottom line, it provides for almost all of them to stay in the USA one way or another. It also gives them the ultimate reward of back door "Amnesty" to Citizenship, even though they broke many serious U.S. laws!! SAY NO TO THE KENNEDY ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT AMNESTY CITIZENSHIP BILL! Under the Kennedy Amnesty Bill, only a VERY SMALL fraction of the 15-20 Million would actually be told to leave. Also, the Majority will either STAY or get LEGAL help to come back. They will then be FREE to bring in MILLIONS and MILLIONS of their relatives into the country within a few years after these illegal aliens get their citizenship. ALSO, when you look at the Kennedy Amnesty Bill, BE CAREFUL for the INCREASED VISA numbers, WELL above the current numbers of VISA's. As you know, VISA fraud equals 1/3 of ALL the illegal aliens in the country. These increased levels will only provide for MORE loop holes through our border!! The KENNEDY AMNESTY BILL will be LOADED with loopholes from vague or easily forged documents to say they have lived in the U.S. longer then they have, to sanctuary laws to highly elevated VISA's, to minimal enforcement /punishment to those caught here illegally, all in order to make this "Amnesty Bill" weak, just like the one in 1986.

29. PLEASE Vote for "Bills" like the Cornyn Kyl Bill. They live ON THE BORDER and they know illegal immigration problems , which will spread like wild fire if we don't stop it now. As senators from Texas and Arizona, Cornyn and Kyl represent approximately 85% of the nationís southern border. In preparation for the bill, the two Senators have carried out a thorough review of the nationís immigration laws this year, including chairing seven hearings on various aspects of the issue. "In the past, we have not devoted the funds, the resources, or the manpower to enforce our immigration laws or protect our borders," Cornyn said. "The bill we are introducing is based on the rule of law, and our need to restore enforcement of our laws.We must enact laws capable of strong enforcement, and our laws must be fair, requiring all undocumented individuals to go through the legal process." "Beyond the notion of returning the rule of law to the border, the single most important aspect of this bill is that it does not reward those who have broken the law, and does not constitute amnesty," Sen. Kyl said. "As a nation, we have made both of those mistakes and learned from them - they are the reason we now have an undocumented population as high as 15 million."

30. Support The REAL ID ACT to strip US ID cards away from Illegal Immigrants. These cards are used to obtain US tax paid benefits and US Jobs for which they are not legally entitled to have, but obtain BOTH Illegally with our US Drivers license / US ID cards. The REAL ID ACT also closes loop holes abuse by illegal immigrants and straightens our Southern border.


31. Support the SAVE ACT that "Saves" US Jobs for American Citizens and Legal Immigrants and puts in place safe guards to prevents ILLEGAL Immigrants from using loop holes and other illegal means to obtain US Jobs.


32.Don't believe the pro illegal amnesty groups claim the a border fence would be too costly. Facts show that well built border barrier actually SAVE money because the costs of the illegals that cross over time far exceeds the cost of the construction of a proper barrier. It has also been shown that crime also dramatically decreases in locations where these barriers are built.

33. Another claim that has been brought by the pro illegal amnesty groups is that it would be too costly to deport all the illegal aliens who have ignored U.S. law and have cross illegally into the USA. Simply placing and ENFORCING stricter ( with very costly fines ) laws on employers of illegal aliens, stop paying tax paid benefits to those here illegally, stricter border protection and giving ALL our law enforcement ( Police/INS/ICE/Border Patrol ) all legal rights to capture and deport illegal aliens, these illegal aliens will simply run out of funds and migrate back over to Mexico. This would cost almost nothing and the fines on employers should more then cover any legal issues related to their deportation.

To list ALL the dangers both economic and criminal that illegal immigration brings to the Citizens of the United States of America is overwhelming. To give "Amnesty" like the failed amnesty program of 1986 ( bringing in 3 Million illegal aliens in 1986 and now in 2008 , 15-20+ Million ALL and their family should give us all a hint what will happen IF approved ), will only bring on a wave of illegal immigration like the USA has never seen. We are a Nation of Laws. They knew the consequence and that they were breaking laws of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. Please vote NO AMNESTY, NO CITIZENSHIP to ILLEGAL ALIENS period ! We need to make a stand NOW or we will open up Pandoraís box. Also stop the abuse of the 14th Amendment with the "Anchor Baby" loopholes that make it easy to circumvent current citizenship requirements. Insist on the "felony charge" which will significantly reduce attempts to cross the border, because they will realize that if they are caught they will never be offered "citizenship". It will also shut down a major loop hole by the pro illegal immigration groups.

Do we invite a burglar to stay in our house after they have taken something from us? So, why should we completely ignore and bend laws, that U.S. Citizens would be arrested for? And to give Amnesty/Citizenship to stay in America Legally ( or to "Hang out INSIDE the United States, which is Amnesty ) is NOT fair to ANY Citizen or Legal Immigrant of the USA. To NOT arrest people for these types of crimes is NOT fair to ANY U.S. Citizen or ANY one who waits legally for citizenship! No Amnesty, NO Citizenship EVER for ANYONE who illegally entered the USA, period!

Please help NOW because we are running out of time. We, the Pro Citizens groups are turning the tide, but the fight is still in front of us. To talk and complain and do nothing will only frustrate you more. Join us in the fight to protect America right now.

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Steve Hampton

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